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Indian Designer Sarees



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The incredible different work on Indian sarees



Indian sarees come with an incredible beauty that can be seen nowhere in the world. Its feminine look is admired by all the women and is ready to wear saree that look great and suits any shape and size. However, with the modern lifestyle and needs, sarees have got a totally new look, unlike the olden times, where saree did not come with a variety of fabrics and designs.

The elegance of sarees

Sarees do not have any limitation and that can be seen how the whole country makes sarees of different types and even draped in different styles. Buying sarees these days is not as simple as it used to be. That is because you get hundreds of varieties only at one store. Your choice will highly depend on the occasion that you want the saree for.

1. Embroidery sarees                                                                                                                                                                      

Embroidery comes in various styles as well. You get to see zardosi work on sarees or kantha, resham, etc. zarsodi embroidery is a very delicate work that is done with silver or golden thread and sometimes even with stones and pearls that add richness to the sarees and looks glamorous. However, they are quite expensive, but you can also have affordable sarees done with imitation threads. Kantha is also another form of embroidery that looks amazing. The use of subtle colors makes it very unique and great for all occasions. Even silk embroidery is famous and the delicate work is appreciated by women of all classes.

2. Stone work

Stone work is quite popular among young women. The saree made with stone work takes time to complete the work, but definitely brings the novelty to it. The setting of gems and stones is the work of highly skilled craftsman and, therefore, a little expensive. Various colored stones make the saree wearable for special occasions. Kundan work is most famous for the way of stones that are worked on it.




 3. Mirror work

Another excellent type of work done on sarees that make it shine like a mirror that come in various shapes and are stuck to the sarees to provide the right glitter.

4. Cutwork and lace work

Cut work is another type of the fine work that is done at the end of the saree that is done by cutting the cloth in –between with various designs. Fine laces are also attached to the sarees.

There is several another beautiful range of sarees that are done with painting, Lucknow work and appliqué work can be seen to enhance the look of the saree.