Designer Rose Gold Plated Topaz American Diamond CZ Studded Openable Bracelet

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 Fashion Women light weight American Diamond CZ crystal studded openable kada bracelet. Ethnic Openable Cubic zirconia Indian bangle for women and girls. Stand out in the crowd wearing this stunning Topaz crystal CZ rose gold plating bracelet bangle beautifully hand crafted Sparkles like simulated AD High quality. 

 Set of 1

 Style                   :     Cuff Bangle

 Stone colors   :    Topaz

 Weight              :     0.4 OZ

 Dimension      :     2.375” Diameter 

 Size                     :     2.6

 Everything is in great shape and the bracelet secures with a box clasp. Being openable ,fits most wrist sizes ranging from 2.4 to 2.6