Know the Different facets of the Exclusive Indian Jewelry

23rd Mar 2015

Know the different facets of the exclusive Indian jewelry

Indian jewelry has been a fascination for people all over the world and why not! The Indians had the desire to adorn jewelry for almost 5000 years back. Until today, we do not see any Indian women or even men in some cases without some kind of jewelry. It is a security, as well as prestige for the Indian women, and due to this very reason, the whole country boasts of various types of jewelry that are popularly worn here. Every part of the country proudly shows off their jewelry as each region displays a totally different kind of jewelry than the other.

What is it about Indian Jewelry?

The country houses thousands of unique designs that are not to be seen in the whole world. Right from Meenakari and the Kundan to the bead work and stone work. It’s the craft that speaks from the jewelry and the art of polishing the precious stones that give the jewelry a very artistic look. Be it the gold jewelry or silver or pearls or even with stones, jewelry of every kind is made by the best craftsman who are either continuing it as the family legacy or have trained in the craft. You can imagine the kind of variety that we get here as jewelry is also made from ivory, metal, bone, clay, wood, shells, and more. Besides, there is a religious value to it as well as purely esthetic. Often we see Indian jewelry related to the culture of that particular region and the lifestyle.

Jewelry from different regions

Since the times of Rajas and Maharajas and even during the times of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, we see jewelry that has taken unique form and shape. However, jewelry in India has a very powerful design that has been continued even today and that tells how great the craftsmen were during those times whose designs are still popular. The northern part of India showcase jewelry that has been inspired by the Mughal dynasty, especially the state like Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Moving to the south, we see exquisitely designed jewelry inspired by the Gods and Goddesses and nature. Kundan typically relates to what was brought into the country from the other countries. From the east we see jewelry that is highly influenced by the flora and fauna of the region. The other regions come out with designs relating to their culture and deities.

Let us check some important jewelry types that are popular and very exquisite.

Meenakari jewelry –

Introduced by the Mughals in India, this type of jewelry are adorned with precious stones and then enameled carefully with gold. This jewelry is considered to be very expensive

and worn by the rich. There are hundreds of designs available in Meenakari and the work too is intricate and made by master craftsmen only.

Kundan jewelry

You can say that kundan jewelry also took its roots during the period of the Mughals. Today Rajasthan is known to be the hub of the Kundan jewelry where you see craftsman who is making jewelry from the times of the Mughals. Today it is most preferred jewelry of the brides because of the use of multi-colored gemstones and pure gold. This kind of jewelry takes time and hard work to come with such beautiful piece of jewelry.

Polki necklaces

Polki is the method of making stone jewelry that gives out a totally brilliant design and is especially worn at weddings. It is an expensive jewelry and is made using uncut diamonds and in their natural form with gold foil at the back. The way the jewelry shines and sparkles is the art of the craftsman. The jewelry is heavy and comes in bigger heavier versions for better effect.

Jadau jewelry

Jadu comes from Gujarat and Rajasthan and is a technique that is used to make polka and kundan jewelry. The specialty of this form of jewelry is that it is an intricate jewelry that is carried out by various craftsman and those who are specialized in creating task. It needs great skills to make this kind of jewelry with precious stones, gold and beads. The outcome is incredible and so very much popular in India.

Antique jewelry

This type of jewelry comes with a rough look and does not have a finish to it. Besides, it has chunky designs that almost have tribal motifs to it. It can be made in gold, silver, metal and other materials as well.

Jewelry worn by women only in India

Yes, it’s not just the bracelet or the necklace that Indian women wear. There are some incredibly beautiful pieces of jewelry that are worn only by Indian women and look extremely beautiful as well.

1. Sarpech and Shinka – these two jewelry forms are worn as head gears with intricate designs on them and heavy gold work. They are popular in North India.

2. Chandrahar, Oddiyanam or the kamar patta – it is worn around the waist and chandrahaar is worn on one side of the waist. It is made with gold chains and stones and pearls to enhance the beauty of the waist.

3. Nath or nose ring – this type is worn on the nose and is made of diamonds, gold, and pearls. They come in elegant peacock designs and is very attractive.

4. vanki, bajubandh or armlet – worn on the arm, this ornament is made of precious stones, pearls, and gold. It is worn on the arm during special occasions.

5. Jadanagam – this is a south Indian jewelry, worn on the braided hair. The design comprises of snake and moon made totally of gold with intricate design.

6. Paizen or payal – the piece of jewelry is worn on the ankles and comprises of various designs that may be big or small. There are small drops attached to the lower part that make twinkling sound when one is walking.

Every jewelry represents something to the wearer. It is symbolic of the married women and is considered sacred too.