Wearing a religious jewelry is beneficial to your life?

15th Mar 2015

Do You Believe in Wearing Religious Jewelry?

Do you wear a chain, ring or any kind of jewellery in your body? What kind of comfort you feel by wearing these? Do you think, wearing a religious jewelry is beneficial to your life? Or you are a person who wear jewelries? it has any spiritual meaning for you?

A lot of people wear jewelry on different occasions, festivals, and functions. It also showcases one’s social and financial status. However, not all types of jewelry can be worn at all times, and wearing religious jewelry has a spiritual meaning. According to Hindu culture, wearing Religious pendants or jewelry in hands, wrist, neck, feet, etc. is auspicious. It brings good luck and makes one feel complete. It also prevents the negative energies that bring problems and misfortunes to a person and his family.

Types of Religious pendants and their significance:

To prevent the negative influences controlling you, you can buy auspicious religious jewelry according to the effects or desires you wish to come true. These jewelry pieces can be used for beautification and will also ensure financial as well as emotional satisfaction. For example, the use of Om pendant is very sacred, and Om is the sound of the God particle and represents the Brahman. It can be worn around the neck. Om Symbol is almost in every Hindu temple. As Om is the integral part of every day’s life of the Hindus chanting it draws your attention from all the tensions and anxieties of life. Wearing this pendant will help to keep you positive throughout and feel the energizing effect while you meditate.

Christian people wear cross pendant which they believe give them protection from evil forces and keeping them away from unwanted instincts. The cross pendant helps to enhance the body’s biofield and helps to maintain the positive energy balance. It restores the energy balance in the body and helps to maintain the health and well-being.

The Ganesh Lakshmi Pendant, on the other hand, is very auspicious and attracts money. Your work will bring you great fortune. It will remove all the hurdles in your business and allow you to enjoy a rich life. For commercial and business purposes, it is simply ideal. It brings fame, honor, happiness knowledge and wisdom.

Mangal Sutra and its significance:

You can also buy a gold mangal sutra that not only looks and feel good but meets the religious purpose as well. Mangal Sutra is for women who are married, and it displays one’s marital status. The groom ties this thread on the day of marriage in the bride’s neck, and it has certain health benefits too. It regularizes women’s blood circulation and controls the blood pressure levels to a great extent. As the gold will touch the body continuously, it will bring added benefits.

So, bring a change into your life and choose the best jewelry that meets your emotional and spiritual needs precisely.