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Latest Temple Jewelry Designs


Designer Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets

Every Indian bride dreams of looking beautiful and elegant on her wedding day. Selecting the finest Indian jewellery pieces to accent your wedding dress is just as important as finding the perfect gown. An integral part of your wedding trousseau, your D-day jewellery will add bling and drama to your overall picture-perfect presentation. The following [...]

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Beautiful Gold Plated Jewelry from India

Every woman loves to be noticed. Whether at weddings, parties or other social events, many women want to be the center of attention. While some women have the natural beauty to attract attention, other women know that gold jewelry enhances their beauty. Getting Attention at a Fraction of the Cost However, gold is expensive, and only the [...]

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Sterling silver jewelry

Sterling Silver JewelryWritten by K B of gimmeshine.comOwner of Gimme Shine Jewelry StoreWhat is Sterling Silver?Sterling silver is by far the most popular silver alloy in the world for jewelry. Sterling silver (also called .925 silver) is an alloy consisting of 92.5 percent fine silver and 7.5 percent other metals (usually copper). Jewelry manufacturers use [...]

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Know the Different facets of the Exclusive Indian Jewelry

Know the different facets of the exclusive Indian jewelryIndian jewelry has been a fascination for people all over the world and why not! The Indians had the desire to adorn jewelry for almost 5000 years back. Until today, we do not see any Indian women or even men in some cases without some kind of [...]

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Wearing a religious jewelry is beneficial to your life?

Do You Believe in Wearing Religious Jewelry?Do you wear a chain, ring or any kind of jewellery in your body? What kind of comfort you feel by wearing these Do you think, wearing a religious jewelry is beneficial to your life? Or you are a person who jewelries? it has any spiritual meaning for you?A lot of people wear [...]

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